Why $40 coupon when most boxes are $60?



I would really like to know why the coupons are for $40 and who came up with this amount when most of the boxes are priced at $59.95 or more. Seems like an arbitrary figure to me. Can anyone provide a link to some legislative history on this? Congress must have debated and voted on it.

I read that boxes were given away by a foreign govt. when they made the transition so why not the same in America?

Thank you.

Jason Fritz

Staff member
Hope this doesn't sound too much like a plug for our site sponsor. ;)

Velocitystore.com is selling a selection of dtv boxes for $0.00 after using your dtv coupon plus shipping.

Solidsignal, Amazon, and a few other stores are offering deals on converter boxes (with the use of your dtv coupon) for around $5.00-$10.00 after shipping and or taxes.
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