Why Build A Crypto Exchange

Everyone won’t see it in their life, One of the best online business models past few years ruling over the world. Do you know about that business model? That business model is a cryptocurrency exchange. Till now that business model is the number one income generated by the platform in recent times. In this article, we are looking at cryptocurrency exchange and why an entrepreneur builds the crypto exchange.

First, we see the short brief on cryptocurrency ..,

Cryptocurrency is a digital asset and virtual currency. It is the alternative form of payment method, but encrypted technology. cryptocurrencies are used through the wallet.
Cryptocurrency Exchange Business
The cryptocurrency exchange business is an online trading platform. It refers to users who can buy and sell cryptocurrencies through the internet. It allows peer-to-peer transactions to easily exchange cryptocurrencies.
Why Build A Crypto Exchange
Now, Cryptocurrency is a million-billion-dollar business. Here I have listed some interesting statistics about the crypto exchange platform. You see the statistics and you will be surprised by them.

  • The cryptocurrency market capital is $2.7 trillion in 2021and also bitcoin capital is $600 million covered in the cryptocurrencies.

  • Binance is the world's foremost cryptocurrency exchange platform, daily trading volume is $18.85 billion. The second most popular cryptocurrency exchange is MEXC with $4.57 billions daily trading volume. And global is the third one, with a $3.8 billion daily trading volume.

  • In 2022, Binance's revenue report is $20 billion.
  • Around 300 billion people used cryptocurrency all over the world.

  • Per day approximately $122 billion trade volume with crypto exchange platform.

  • The most important thing is 18000 businesses accept cryptocurrency payments.

  • India is the leading cryptocurrency-used country compared with other countries.

  • Another important one is that there are 6000+ cryptocurrencies available in the world.

The statistics are an example of the cryptocurrency's continuous growth. So you build the cryptocurrency exchange business to earn more revenue. Now, are you ready to start your cryptocurrency exchange business? It sounds good !!

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