Why can I not get the solution I'm asking for? - DirecTV

My boyfriend was the one that signed the paperwork when we signed up for U-Verse internet and TV, so he got roped into the "free" HBO and Cinemax addition without knowing that it was only free for a trial period. Once that trial period ended and I started seeing the charges on the bill, I used the app to try to remove the HBO/Cinemax package. It didn't really seem like it was working, so I went online on my laptop to do the same thing. I was under the impression that it worked, until I got charged for it the next month. I spoke to someone on the phone who didn't want to issue me a credit, even though it was their website that wasn't working. I finally got them to give me the credit, and they told me that the HBO/Cinemax package was removed from my account.

And then I got charged for it the next month. This time, I reached out on social media, because I was quite upset at how many times I have tried to remove these channels with no success. Sherry O, AT&T Social Media Manager was supposedly going to fix the problem. However, instead of doing what I had asked for, she removed ALL of my premium channels instead of just the HBO/Cinemax addition.

I truly do not understand why it is so challenging for the employees to do what I have asked for, nor do I understand why I do not have the option to email AT&T, because I don't want to talk on the phone to someone who is going to be rude to me and talk over me, or not do the right thing until I request to speak to their supervisor. I am not asking for my premium channels to be added back, I just want an employee to read this and maybe explain to me why my request was such a challenge that multiple employees could not do what I was asking. I was hoping that AT&T would be a better television option than Time Warner, but so far, I've been nothing but seriously disappointed.

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