Question: why can I not receive tulsa channels


I am on direct tv.I am about equal distance between okla city and tulsa.Direct tv will only allow okc local channels where I live.I installed an outside antenna hoping to pick-up tulsa channels.It will not pick-up tulsa channels but will pickup okc channels if turned that way.This might be dumb question but will a large tree in front of antenna block signal?:confused:

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Trees can absorb or reflect DTV signals but that may not be your reception problem. Some common problems have to do with the length, type and age of the coaxial cable used, the number of TV sets the signal is divided or 'split' to, the type of antenna currently used and so on.

When you change from DirecTV to OTA, how are you doing this? Are you using an A-B switch? Have you gone to the menu of your TV set to "tell it" you are changing back and forth between DirecTV and OTA?

Please go to the TV Fool website and enter your address and the maximum height its possible for you to install an antenna. Then, copy the resulting page URL and post it here. That website will automatically conceal your personal information.

From the TVFOOL results, we can determine the stations you are likely to be able to receive and make suggestions including the type of antenna or antennas it will require to receive a better selection of free DTV.

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maybe the reception problem may be caused by a climate conditions, maybe are having a mirage effect where tyhe signal gets reflected and returned to the transmitter due humidity and heat combination.