Why did Comcast eliminate the "LC" channel from its lineup? - XFinity

I want to know why Comcast eliminated one of my favourite channels from the lineup!
The channel is the "LC" (Liquidation channel), which is a shopping channel. One morning I flipped on the TV and it had simply disappeared...no warning or explaination...just gone, replaced by "encore" programming (reruns) of a channel that already was on. "evine" a very lame shopping channel.

Hells bells, for what I pay for cable, I should have access to a channel I enjoy!

I **did** call Comcast and they were going to get back to me (Yeah right)...after I spent a little time asking them about this. Of course, they passed my call around...obviously no one had a clue.

I guess I'm used to poor service from Comcast, but I thought maybe this once I would get
lucky and get an answer. Wrong.

I guess after the holidays it's time to shop around for another cable provider!

Can I maybe get an answer?

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