Why did Nickelodeon disappear from DirecTV?



Nickelodeon is gone off my my DirecTV but I've been paying to get that channel for some time now. Why have they taken it off the air? I'm really frustrated because my kids love SpongeBob SquarePants and now it's not on anymore.


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The answer to your question is here:

Viacom, DirecTV in dispute over Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, other channels - The Washington Post

Essentually, DirecTV is attempting to get Viacom to unbundle their channels so that DirecTV customers will be able to pay for only the channels they want. While you may think your only paying for Nickelodeon, your actually paying for all 17 of Viacom's channels. And, DirecTV is essentually negotiating the price for you. They are trying to keep their costs down so that they can offer you a better price.

By the way Spongbob Seasons 1-6 are available on Netflix http://movies.netflix.com/movie/SpongeBob-SquarePants/70155547
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