Why did you choose your member name?


Have you ever read a member name and wondered how it came to be. Some member names are obvious and others peak ones curiosity. I've had others wonder about my user name. While some may think I'm a groupie or fan of an old rock band. Others may think I'm bragging I've got a lot of possessions. I'll tell you the reason I chose the member name 1inxs. I have always given 110% to everything I've done. Building Hot Rods, houses or computers. Playing on forums or programming PCs. I love to live hard and play hard. Others wood look at me and say I was extreme or excessive in the things I do. This led me to choose 1inxs as my user name. Why did you choose your member name?
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Jason Fritz

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How did I ever miss this thread?!

My member name is pretty obvious. :) Didn't want to choose a nickname because I felt that it would confuse (especially in the beginning) new members looking for answers specifically with DTV and converter boxes. About 10-20% of our signups are from people who have never used a forum before. It's a bit higher than other new forums.


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Mine is taken from the mini-series, North and South. The main character is named Orry Main, as played by Patrick Swayze. Patrick is my favorite actor, and Orry is just a character I adore tremendously. He may be my all time favorite character in all of TV and film. When I first got a computer and had to choose a nickname, Orrymain just seemed a natural.


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Chose my name because Aaron is my name and the number 62 because 6 and 2 have been lucky numbers for me over the past few years. I'm not a huge gambler but I love going to Vegas. :)
I use Nickdalzell or Nickdalzell1 everywhere else (my real name) but i wanted to be creative but had no other ideas besides putting DTV and a generic guest name used on forums 'User' and of course putting the '2009' from DTV2009.gov which ends up as 'DTVUser2009.'

I have names on animal lover forums and flickr/twitter as 'iLoveDeer' but it doesn't fit on a tech-related site plus it gets me too much flak from those who misidentify me as a hunter when i'm not.


I don't have just this one, each one I choose is on a different aspect of what I do.

This one is related to all types of electronics modifications on digital devices, cell phones, DVD players, including the infamous DIVX "pay-per-view" serialized DVD format.

I discovered a way to extend the life of the account of this odd pay-per-view DVD format. I modded the accounting & clock module with a switch to freeze the clock on the player I registered in 1997, (transferring the account from someone,) months before DIVX shut down in July of that year. More than 10 years and two battery transplants later, I can still watch my collection of DIVX DVDs. Very few of those DIVX discs are not in standard DVD format now. Studying the patent 5822291 gave me lots of knowledge about how encrypted digital video worked. The PQ of DIVX movies were worse than standard format, due to the "watermarked" look of the real-time decoded data stream which took a detour through the accounting/security RAM chip before being rendered to the TV. (they used a RAM chip for extra security - disconnect the battery, and it loses the algorithm - it can't be put in an EEPROM reader.) Kinda like buying a cable movie where the movie datastream was on the disc - the box needed a phone line to call home to ring up your rentals. My mod stopped the callback timer. The mod is turned off for just a few seconds when playing a new movie to register the disc's serial number on the chip. After the movie starts playing the timer is returned to the frozen state.

Whoo! Okay, I've said a lot.

Here's other monikers I use online: Macrat (general use) CyberRedneckRobert (social networking) wackplayer (3D game engine design - from a DukeNukem3D code) PBSKidVid (children's programming) and of course, my furry ID, Turin Aramaia (Thomas Magnum-esque mouse hero type who does a lot of little things, as well as build worlds, and rescues people from life-ending situations.)


The 58 is the year I was born. The hsv stands for 'Historic Spring Valley.'

Spring Valley is the small Ohio town I grew up in and its roots go back to the early 1800's.
Mine might surprize you, its not a species of bird at all, it's from B.C Rich Mockingbird Guitar, 74 classic with natural wood graining. I tend to post alot on music/guitar related sites.