why do i lose my signal while driving on my converter box?


:confused:i have a tv in my truck. it used an analog signal so i installed a dtv converter box. i have tried many different antennas, rabbit ears, amplified antenna but i lose the signal as soon as i start moving. sitting still the signal strength is 87%, but when i start driving it goes down to 0%. my analog signal worked fine while driving. someone who has it working please tell me what you used for an antenna. this is a new problem not many people have discovered yet.:confused:


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The Open Mobile Video Coalition, a broadcast alliance pushing for the rapid deployment of ATSC Mobile TV, used the 2009 International CES last month to announce the "first wave of stations committed" to launching mobile TV by late 2009. The initial rundown includes 54 stations in more than 20 markets—which OMVC said covers more than one-third of the nation's 114 million TV households. Committed stations include affiliates of the big four networks (although at deadline it did not include nine public stations still "in discussions" with OMVC).
Monetizing Mobile DTV, by John Merli

Looks like there's going to be a different format, which will probably mean you'll need to get some other device other than a converter box. Regular DTV signals just aren't good for mobile reception.
analog works because while you lose signal you still get a picture, with digital, if there's not enough data it goes blank.

digital reception is more "all or nothing" type thing.