Why do you like Bones?

I personally love crime shows like Bones, NCIS, Law and Order SVU. But Bones has a different twist I like how she comes into the scene when it's impossible for people to identify the body and she does a lot of it with the science.


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Why do I like it so much?

1. DAVID! :D

2. B&B.

3. The forensic cases, very interesting.

4. Zackoooo. But he's no more.

5. It's just so funny!
I have read most of Kathy's books and I really liked Tempe's character in the books. Emily does a decent job at portraying Tempe but sometimes I think she carries the academic who has no people skills too far. The books do not read that way!
I like CSI and the other shows as well but this one is different as they are taking cases that no one else could ever figure out.
David is not bad on the eyes either. I got hooked on him back in his Buffy days and then on Angel! I really like him as an actor.


I like Bones because it reveals the personality of the killer and what lead them to commit a crime. It is interesting why people chose certain paths in their life.


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I love bones I like the chemistry between the characters all that will they wont they? I think the supporting characters are great and help the storyline along. Great show.