why do you make it almost impossible to cancel service? - DirecTV

I want to file a formal complaint ...........
On 11/1/16 I contacted AT&T to discuss a new plan TV/internet. I did not want to change to DirectTV because I did not want to get another dish on my roof and/or return boxes simply to get new boxes. we could not come up with a plan I could justify so I asked if I could be sent to cancellation dept to cancel service and I was going to use my digital antennas for awhile and get hotspot from Verizon (just trying to reduce some bills). Anyhow over a course of two days I was on the phone attempting to cancel for about 90 minutes, each time I ran through the same gammit why do you want to leave, how about DirectTV, etc etc and when it would come time to get transferred to the Cancellation Dept I was disconnected 3 times (I would venture to say I was coveniently hung up on), then two times I spoke to a person who said they were processing the request but that their computer was running so slow and the process was still in the pending phase, so I held on 15 minutes and then was told to avoid me waiting any longer they would call me as soon as the process completed (because I asked to be called back for verification). Of course I was never called back. Finally after speaking to probabably 10 reps and repeating my phone#, passcode, address 10+ times I was finally told my plan was cancelled. I just feel like I was being played with, like it was some method to avoid me cancelling if I was hung up on and maybe I would just ignore it another month. I am very disappointed. I really liked AT&T serivce but certainly not impressed with your customer service representatives. Sorry it had to end this way.......... all I wanted was a fair plan but seemed like the only way to get a fair plan was to move to DirectTV - seems like only new customers are elegible for the great plans once your int he loop they are less likely to negotiate and the "convenient disconnects" I do believe were completely intentional

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