Why does AT&T constantly charge or overcharge for crap every month? - DirecTV

WHY DO I KEEP GETTING CHARGED FOR A FREE DIRECTV INSTALL?!!!!!!! I'm DISABLED AND ON A FIXED INCOME and EVERY MONTH I have to call in over and over and over and over and over for different charges that I shouldn't have!!!! Like the FREE HBO,showtime etc... Was to credit me back for the charge but never did and had a PAST DUE ALL MONTH, PLUS YOU KEEP CHARGING ME AGAIN FOR IT AND I DON'T EVEN HAVE IT!!!!! SICK OF IT!!! 2 cells and directv and my bill this month FOR ONE MONTH IS 688+ DOLLARS!!!! THAT'S ALMOST MY WHOLE MONTHS INCOME!!!!! I Guess it's time to call the BBB AGAIN!!!! If YOU CANCEL,THEY WILL TAKE EVERYTHING YOU OWE OUT OF YOUR BANK ACCOUNT ALL AT ONCE AND TURN YOUR WHOLE {edited for word filter evasion} WORLD UPSIDE DOWN!!!!! AT&T is SHADY!!! DOWNRIGHT CROOKS!!!!