Why does the app suck so much? - DirecTV

I was forced to start using this app because DTV decided to disable the genie go. The genie go that I paid 100 bucks for. The genie go that worked on my mac. The genie go that allowed me to watch shows at nearly HD quality. Now that it doesn't work...
1. I have a 100 dollar box that worked just fine, but is now completely useless.
2. I have to use my iphone 6, instead of my mac. Because they don't make an app for mac? Really? What is wrong with you people?
3. Setting up and downloading a program was like pulling teeth. It basically took 2 days. Anytime I had the app open, I could practically watch the battery draining down by the minute.
4. Trying to watch the program that I downloaded is horrible. It is not anywhere near HD. It's like watching SD in wide format. It looks terrible.
5. There is no forward or fast forward controls. 40 year old technology (VHS) had forward and fast forward and rewind capability. This doesn't. Really? What is wrong with you people?
6 The fact that there is no fast forward or reverse controls makes it even worse when the app freezes up for no apparent reason. Have to restart the show and it doesn't remember where you left off, it starts again at the beginning. And there is no easy way to get back to where you left off. Really? What is wrong with you people? Do you even use your own product? If you did, you would know how much it sucks. Do you tell people what you do for a living? I wouldn't. I would be too embarrassed.

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