Why doesn't my Cinemax On Demand not work! - DirecTV

I have spent hours on the phone with "customer support" since I switched from Uverse to Direct TV. I get the Cinemax channels but not Cinemax on demand. I was told by first call that they were not sure why and maybe I had no internet. I had internet. Then I was transferred to "support" After being on the phone for 1 hour 22 mins. her answer that she checked and other people also having problems but she could not tell me when it would be corrected! I asked AT&T has no time frames, hours, weeks, months. Answer No. Her solution: well you can still get Showtime & HBO on demand. I asked to be transferred to the department that cancels service. I was so frustrated by this time that I wanted to cancel my 3 cells, internet and Direct TV. Customer Service apologized stating that the answer I was given was unacceptable. She then came back on the line and told me it would be corrected withing a few hours. That was 3 days ago and ofcourse it still does not work. All the other on demands work but the one I want. Ready to dump ATT all together after over 10 years. Any suggestions since support doesn't have a clue or just doesn't care. Also, I was promised that when I switched from Uverse to DTV I would have all same channels. So far there are 3 channels that I always watch (DIY, GAC and some fishing channel my husband watched) that DTV does not have.

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