Why have an expiration date at all?

I don't understand why these coupons needed to have an expiration date. I received mine early on and thought I had until January to purchase my converter box. When I realized my coupon was expired I couldn't believe it. If the transition takes place in January or February 2009 why have these coupons expire before then or even at all?


Staff member
Exactly! Now it's just a waiting game for congress to modify the program to allow us to apply again. I'm starting to lose hope, has anyone heard anything else or any news?


It was one of those things that the government does. They really caught a lot of people off guard with that one. They need to exchange expired coupons for valid ones.


Since I have read that they are only issuing so many millions of these coupons to begin, and it would never meet the needs for every citizen. I think that they figure it is an advantage to getting them early. I high doubt that we will see any modification to the programs.