Why is Bose so awesome?

Every time I walk into a store I usually head right back to the electronics department. Something in me just has to play with the Bose sample systems. The sound quality is awesome. They now have a sound box for your tv something like a sound bar but much better sounding. It was priced at $399 which I thought was not bad for Bose.


Have you ever walked into a stereo /gear shop other than BestBuy? Just for fun I suggest going to a place that has a nice sofa and a lot of speakers and receivers, amps and spend an hour of so in there. try out all the combinations of gear.

A place like this...
Bose is a marketing machine and IMHO that is all they do well. They setup their stations away from the listening rooms and other speakers for a reason. That way you can't compare them fairly to cheaper yet better (IMHO) products.

"If it's got no mids, and it's got no lows, it must be Blose" And no, that wasn't a typo. :)


They definitely put out quality products but they are ridiculously overpriced. I think that at that price point you can find something equally as good from a different brand. Also, as someone else pointed out make sure you're buying your stuff at a REAL audio shop.
They definitely put out quality products but they are ridiculously overpriced.
The last part I agree with, the first I do not. Maybe things have changed but I remember people in the industry who broke down Bose speakers and basically said they used cheap materials, cheap drivers, etc... So yes, overpriced is an understatement. IMHO.

If your style or significant other demands super small speakers (a marketing point Bose drove home in magazines women usually bought) then at least demo Orb speakers before you make a purchase one way or another.


I remember something about the cones in the small Bose cubes. They were cheap paper cones I think. I don't fault them for existing. Haha. It just bugs me when people go Bose, oooooohhhhh BOE-z!

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