why is comcast dropping the weatherscan channel? - XFinity

in my latest bill from comcast was a notice that weatherscan was being dropped from the lineup on 12/5/2018.
i want to know why? when local news is not on or the weather channel is showing programs, this is my go to channel for current weather conditions.

what can i do to keep this from happening?

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i called comcast and got to the "senior" tech rep. she was honest? and said that no one on the technical rep side knows why. >note she did know why CMT and the military channel now says "not authorized" is because they moved them to the sports package<. WTF. i suspect the same thing is happening to 101. either way we should know why. it is like buying a car and the dealer takes back a door and does not lower the cost. i am going to contact the better business people on monday.

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