Why is the Xfinity Connect app going away? - XFinity

Can you tell me why the Xfinity Connect app is going away, who made the decision, and who can we complain to? This is the only Xfinity app I use and now you all decide to do away with it. Last year, you all took the texting feature away which has caused me to miss text alerts/messages because I always gave out my home landline #. Pre-COVID, I also use the Xfinity Connect app feature while out of town so that I can still be able to answer my home phone. If you all think it's not being used that much, please think about it. People have been primarily home during the lockdown so there was no need to answer their landline away from home. Also, people are now still working from home which might seem to contribute to Xfinity not thinking people are using the app. If I had known you all were going to do a way with the Xfinity Connect app, I would not have recently renewed my contract. I wanted to leave Xfinity because of the rate being so high/expensive; however, I kept it because no one else offered this feature. I faithfully use the app to make and receive calls via my landline when not home. I don't give out my cell # at all because I use my landline for EVERYTHING. Only immediate family members have my cell # and I Hae the lowest possible plan because everyone else, even doctor offices, no to call me on my landline. THIS IS CRAZY.

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