Why is WII so HARD to find but the others are not?


I swear it seems like the WII is almost always sold out, but the other consoles are so easy to find. Is WII the best seller and in higher demand or is Nintendo doing this purposely?


DTVUSA Jr. Member
It's not that they are the best seller but Nintendo has only made so many of them. Also, the stores are only putting out like 12 at a time which if you don't get to the stores at 6am the day the put them out, then you won't get one. I went to Meijer at 6am to get mine and there was only one left out of 12 so I got lucky.


I think it is also because it is a fairly new item and everybody seems to want one. I have read a lot from people who just can't wait to buy one. So yes, the few that they allow each store get snatched up pretty quickly. I had thought about getting one for the family for Christmas, as well. But with job hours being cut and so many layoffs in my area, we are trying to be more frugal this year; more out of necessity, than desire of course.


I hear ya on that AC Writer. We really shouldn't be spending excessively this Christmas, but it just sucks when all these kids I know are begging for a WII and just can't seem to find one anywhere, yet there are dozens of 360's or PS3's in stock.

Sbs, why is Nintendo only making so many of them though? After what happened last year with such a short supply, you would think that they would make more.

I must admit there is a shortage of WII system. I think it the manufacturer only make but so many to keep up the demand for the system. My son a to wait for 3 week before we finally found a WII system.:)


I think Nintendo really needs to rethink its marketing strategy, big time! The fact last year they caused the same high demand - low supply brouhaha by introducing something many people wanted badly but not manufacturing enough units was a big mistake, and as Leighdu points out, you'd think that a company like that would want to make its customers happy by making more units.

Whether this is a corporate decision to drive up demand or if Nintendo is having problems with its parts supplier chain, I don't know. I am not a gamer, mind you, but I have friends whose kids want a Wii and have had to wait another Christmas without one.


DTVUSA Jr. Member
When I bought my Wii after Christmas we went to about 10 stores to find the Wii and Wii Fit to go with it. I have been buying games on ebay since, there is some great ones on there and a bit cheaper than in the stores.


Wii is the newest game system, so that makes it a hot item. It is hard to find! I am hoping that the glory of it will wear off so maybe I can get one.


Wii is a popular system, but I don't think it is an amazingly popular where the games will always sell out like they are flying off the shelves. I think the stores just don't get enough copies of games to be honest.

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