Why is your customer service so terrible - DirecTV

I have had Direct TV and AT & T since August. This has been the worst decision that I have ever made, I made the change from Time Warner due to price. I have experienced nothing but trouble. The first issue I had was on what was supposed to be the first day of service, we were supposed to have both services set up on the same day. My wife stayed home all day waiting and AT &T never showed up. I called to find out what happened and was told by the customer service rep that "this sometimes happens when the tech has an appoint ment that takes longer than expected". I find it rediculous that they just dont show up or call to let you know! The second issue came with our first bill, I signed up for a package that is $89.00 on a 2 year contract with no extra fees. I understand that there will be taxes but no extra fees should mean no extra fees. When I opened my bill there was a $10.00 fee for the modum/router. I called to get this removed and was repeatidly told that this was just the way it was going to be. After about 45 minutes of me refusing to accept this I was finally able to talk to a supervisor, after about 5 minutes with him he told me that my bill was wrong. I am thankfull that he was able to make my bill correct but I am confused as to why it took me over 45 minutes and several request to talk to a supervisor to get an error on your side corrected. My 3rd issue came when I foolishly recomended your service to my brother, he received the same promotion as me but was told he could get 4 recievers which of course he did. I called to see if I could get 2 more recievers which would be great as I have 4 tvs in my house. At first I was incougaged by the first response that my package would allow me to get 2 more recievers for free, I was then transfered and that feeling quickly turned to confusion. I was told that I would not be able to get 2 more recievers because it was not in the first 14 days of my contract, if I would have know this was possible I certainly would have done this but nobody told me that I had a 14 day time limit to change anything. This customer service rep who told me he was a supervisor was extremly rude and would not answer any questions I had without puting the blame on me. My third issue came with my next bill I recieved. When I first signed up for the service I recieved the movie channel package for free which was great, I was just not willing to pay that much for it. I asked on the first day when I would need to cancel these channels so that I would not be charged. I was told Oct 10th was the day, this is an easy day for me to remember as it is my birthday. Since this was such an easy day for me to remember I called the day before and cancelled these channels. When my next bill was sent I was charged for them. I promptly called to get this changed and was fairly happy with the service that the customer service rep gave me, his name is John. Like I said I was happy with what he was able to do for me as he got these charges removed from my account, well he said he did we will see when I get my next bill. My most resent problem kind of brings us back to the first. When they corrected the bill by combining the two bills my direct tv app stopped letting me sign in. I have not really needed to use this so I just finally called to get this fixed about a half an hour ago. From what I gathered from this rep is that a new email was put on our account and that is where the new ID has to be sent. This would be fine in the email was correct, apprently someone had two typos while entering my email. now they can not tell me my new ID, they can not send me the ID as it goes to an email that does not exist, and they can not update my email for 30 days. so here I sit trying to use a perk of the service but can not until I get a phone call from the and I quote "highest department" in 24 to 48 hours. Unless this phone call is coming from the CEO it is not the "highest departmet". The reason I am writing this "question" is due to the fact that anytime you ask to talk to a supervisor you get some excuse as to why that is not possible. I am also hoping that someone moniters these forums and responds like on many other sites, I am not hopful that this will actually happen as that would mean that you actually care about your customers and your reputation. In closing, Direct TV and AT&T has terrible service and I will be cancelling my service as soon as my 2 year contract is up. I will also not be recomending your service to anyone else, in fact I will activly talk anyone that I hear is considering you as their provider. I would rather not have TV or internet in my house that pay you another dime for this absolutly terrible service.

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