Why lie to your customers??? What's the purpose?? - DirecTV

Today I called to move my existing U-verse svc to my new home. I renewed my contract in September. The person I spoke to said that when I move all I have to do is call to move the svcs and add the amount of new receivers and I wouldn't have to pay the monthly charge nor any installation fees. When I called today and spoke to Allison she said I had to pay $10 per month for each additional receiver plus a one time fee for each receiver of $49???!!! This is not what I was promised. If I'm not given what I was promised I will contact BBB and the OOP because now I'm questioning your integrity as a company... bcus I pay my U-verse and cell hone every month... I was thinking of getting Digital Life for my new home... but now do you really think I want your svcs???? I rather pay the $180 ETF and be done with you guys bcus I cannot trust that you will honor anything you promise.... so much for platinum customer huh....

This question, "Why lie to your customers??? What's the purpose??," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.