Why no alerts or news about outages? - Time Warner Internet

This question is about "Why no alerts or news about outages?", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. I am having a real problem trying to find out information about a long outage in Brooklyn Time-Warner/Spectrum Internet. The website has nothing. The phone help has nothing. The automated chat on the website is an outright joke! Nobody knows nuthin, and the phone message even warns you not to even ASK any human who finally gets back to you.

You should be putting this information on your HOME PAGE, Spectrum. We have a right to know, and a lot of us have an urgent NEED to know when we will have our connection back. Some of us have to WORK!

Why no alerts or news about outages??
Maybe there isn't an outage and it's just an issue with your system. You should probably not just assume it's an outage and troubleshoot your connection. Also, you should use 3rd party outage maps to confirm outages.

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