Why No More Digital Converter Box Coupons?


Marilyn Patton

My cable and others I know cable has been disconnected. Why would the government not give each household 2 coupons still? We cannot afford cable and would like to be able to at least view local channels. Is there any way we can get help with purchasing the converter boxes.
We cannot afford to purchase new television.



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Basically they put a sunset date on it to keep the cost to tax payers down. But, you still have options in finding reasonably priced converter boxes. A great place to start is at thrift stores (Goodwill, ARC, Salvation Army, etc.) I got one for $4 at Goodwill. If they don't have a remote, you can find a universal remote that will work for less than $10. Many people are donating their converter boxes as they update their TVs. Also check yard sales as Spring is upon us.

As far as new ones are concerned Walmart has one for $34 with free site to store shipping: AccessHD Digital to Analog Converter Box, 1080D - Walmart.com Radio Shack also carries one for $60: http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3150939 And, my local Walmart still stocks the $50 RCA DTA800.

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:welcome: Marilyn,

Check your local Craigslist dot org as well. There are several used converter boxes offered for sale every day in my area.

Choosing the right antenna for your area will be critical, so once you have a converter box please return here and post the resulting URL of your free TV Fool report, so we can make suggestions on your antenna needs before you spend money on something random.

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