WHY AM I paying to SUBSIDIZING so many Spanish channels when I don't watch nor do I fully understand the language ? Furthermore, IF I do want to watch a Russian, Indian, etc. speaking programming why is that extra ? I am paying for 45 FORTY FIVE Spanish speaking channels...that's when I stopped counting ! WHY SHOULD I pay for these...
Furthermore I don't particularly care how Comcast, being far left liberals..have influenced this election thru their Spanish and English speaking affilitates ...They should be unbiased and support both candidates equally ..this includes CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTIONS... As a Trump supporter I find the constant attacks from MSNBC, NBC and their Spanish affilitaes appalling..this and the fact that Comcast's service interruptions have become unacceptable.
I will not be renewing my contract with Comcast for this reason and many many others to include constant service interruptions including phone service, constant mandatory restarting, and the fact I'm stilling waiting almost 2 years now, for my $100 early termination credit for leaving Verizon before my contract was over with that cable provider......

This question, "WHY SHOULD I SUBSIDIZE 45 SPANISH TV CHANNELS," is about XFinity-Comcast TV channels, programming, and sports.

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