Why Syracuse Basketball NOT aired on TWC - Time Warner TV

This question is about "Why Syracuse Basketball NOT aired on TWC", with Time Warner Cable TV and apps. I'd like to understand why the Syracuse - Clemson basketball game was not aired by TWC in Rochester NY on Tuesday Feb 7. The game was broadcast by ACCN and TWC did not air. Typically when a game isn't aired then it is available via ESPN Live. However in this case the game was blacked out on ESPN Live. Did TWC purposely elect not to air the game? If so then why couldn't we stream on ESPN Live? Or did TWC screw up and mistakenly not air. Either way the "local" Syracuse fans from Rochester, a metropolitan area of one million people were robbed of an opportunity to see their team in action. And, of course the game was a barn burner with winner determined on last second shot. .... I called TWC support at start of game and they said they would put a team on it to quickly fix....... well never saw game. If this was a screwup, either a poor decision to proactively not air game, or a technical issue, then I hope through this post it never happens again.

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