Why won’t you service me????? - Time Warner Internet

This question is about "Why won’t you service me?????", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. Getting very frustrated. I’ve been a TWC customer for 2 years. I recently purchased a home and noticed that we have Spectrum vaults in our front yard. I also checked online to ensure I could set up new service - the site let me place an order. After purchasing the house I called to schedule transfer and was told Spectrum doesn’t have service where I’m at. I was advised to check with CableMover, they show Spectrum is my provider. I’ve even elevated this to the Rural Broadband division for N.C. and they are reporting that Spectrum has told them they service my address. After 4 calls got a hold of a supervisor who said it looks like I’m 2500’ from the hard tap but that my neighbor who lives at the end of the dead end road- further from me- is being serviced so there should be a back way to connect. He was ordering a survey and would call me back. Of course no one called me back so I called. I’m 5 calls in right now, no one will send me to a supervisor or the construction team and only state that the boxes I see are there because they are planning to expand to the area. The reps now all say that my neighbor is NOT being serviced. However I have spoke to him and he does receive service from spectrum. My thoughts are it’s because he is a high profile developer (aka millionaire) in the area and he has paid Spectrum to run the lines. Which is fine but why would Spectrum canabilize everyone else on the road by not allowing us to tap in. Is it discrimination because we aren’t millionaires? They have no problem offering service to all the high end neighborhoods within a 30 mi radius!! They aren’t even giving me the option to pay for the line to be pulled which I might would consider but we know it’s not needed since the neighbor has it. They are just saying No. we can’t service you and your business is not important to us. My gut is that the tech that surveyed, if someone actually did, was too lazy to drive to the box in front of my house to determine if it could be tapped into. 2500’ is 1/2 a mile away and total BS.

Why won’t you service me??????