Why won't DirecTV show PBS's WETA-UK when it's free? - DirecTV

I have been a subscriber to Eastenders, the longest running soap in the history of TV for over 20 years. It is British, and picked up by PBS. Recently, WETA decided to run it through WETA-UK instead of the regular WETA station. They made this decision as it makes sense from a programming perspective to keep all the British shows in one place, as there are more and more of them.

WETA has offered this channel to all the major services, including DirecTV, at no charge -- all they have to do is pick it up. WETA-UK has been picked up by Verizon, Cox and Comcast, but not DirecTV. From my perspective, there is no rhyme or reason for this, as there are many, many viewers who use DirecTV and watch EastEnders. But DirecTV will not budge.

I am hoping that others who like the British Public Broadcasting shows (including EastEnders) will join me and register their comments through this forum as well as to DirecTV itself. And I hope that DirecTV will choose not to risk losing its subscribers for this reason, especially as it doesn't cost them anything.

While I have other found ways to watch EastEnders, they are all cumbersome, difficult to access, impossible to record and watch when I want, and generally a hassle. I don't want to have to go through all that!

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