Wifi DNS problems with TC8717T - Time Warner Internet

This question is about "Wifi DNS problems with TC8717T", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. I am having problems with my wifi on my TC8717T modem. I use its wifi. I am having problems with the wifi dropping my computer. I suspect it is a software problem. I changed the lease time to daily and for a week I finally had no disconnects. Today, they are back. Is there a way to set the DNS server to something else as the errors I get are DNA related?

When I am disconnected on wifi, my ethernet is still up.

I also don't get logged out of my teleconference sessions so the wifi isn't actually down.

Wifi signal is fine, strong enough and no interference

Wifi signal isn't near other signals - checked that already

Ethernet stays up when wifi is down

Signal strength is no different when wifi is up or down.

DNS is what is down, nothing else.

Wifi on multiple devices but not ALL devices is impacted.

Devices don't have this problem on other wifi.

Wifi DNS problems with TC8717T?