Wifi extender causes tv receiver to disconnect - DirecTV

I just purchased and hooked up a Netgear AC1900 Wifi Range Extender to extend wifi to the top floor of my house. I got it hooked up and it works and helps with the wifi coverage however when it is up and running it causes the wireless receivers in our house to disconnect every 10-15 minutes. On whatever channel we are watching the screen will freeze up and then a message comes on the screen with a list of troubleshooting items. We do not have to troubleshoot anything as the receiver connects back on its' own and the program resumes. I know it is the extender causing this to happen as I have disconnected and re-connected it and the TV issue only happens when it is connected. Any suggestions? We want to keep the wifi extender as it helps to extend coverage but don't want to deal with the tv disconnecting every 10 minutes and missing half of the programs we are watching. Very irritating during football games especially.

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