Wifi Won't Stop Auto-Connecting on iOS 12 - Time Warner Internet

This question is about "Wifi Won't Stop Auto-Connecting on iOS 12", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. Phone: iPhone XS Max (Model A1921, Unlocked, bought from Apple.com)

OS: iOS 12.1.2 (16C101). My iOS version is not a beta version

Cell Service Provider: Verizon (post-paid, unlimited 4G LTE, 22 GB/month prioritized network access)

Location: Los Angeles, California, and Orange County, California areas

I downloaded and installed the TWC WiFi Finder and My Spectrum apps in order to access Spectrum Wifi. I also installed the respective profiles as the apps requested. But I decided that, for me, I am better off using Verizon's network for data even if I am near a Spectrum Wifi access point.

So I tried to be rid of Spectrum Wifi. I deleted the TWC WiFi Finder and My Spectrum apps. I deleted the Profiles those apps created in my phone's settings. I Reset Network Settings in my phone's settings.

The problem I have is that, when I go near a Spectrum Wifi access point (including Cable Wifi and related access points), my phone will still try to auto-connect to it. Since I don't have the TWC WiFi Finder or My Spectrum apps or profiles anymore, I end up getting a request for login credentials. This is really annoying, especially while driving.

My question is: How do I completely and permanently disassociate my phone from Spectrum Wifi, Cable Wifi, and all other Spectrum-related Wifi services, so that I will never again be asked to log into any Spectrum Wifi services?

I'm sure Spectrum Wifi is a nice service for those with spotty, slow, or metered cellular data service. I just don't want to use it because I don't need to.

P.S. The only Spectrum app I have left on my phone is Spectrum TV. I'd rather keep that app; but if getting rid of it will solve my problem, I will.

Wifi Won't Stop Auto-Connecting on iOS 12?
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