Wii games

What is your favorite wii game? I absolutely love brain academy and I love my wii fit. My boyfriend and I searched for 4 months to find the wii fit...we need to play that one more often.
WII Games

My favorite WII game so far is Resident Evil Chronicles, but I am a horror game buff. I love first shooter horror games. The action and suspense are great.


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I only have a couple of games so I will be interested to see what everyone says for some ideas of what to buy :) My favorite game I own is definitely Wii Fit, I play it everyday, it's awesome.
The current favorite at home, among the boys, is Mario Cart. I've tried it and I suck at it. LOL. I even tried using a steering wheel with it and I still suck!


I have been reading that Wii Sales have been down lately. I don't know if it is mainly due to the downtrend in the economy or if people are losing interest. There always seems to be a flutter of excitement when new technology comes out, then after awhile it becomes old hat.

I have heard that people are getting hurt playing the Sports Wii games because they aren't stretching properly or they are using muscles they aren't used to using and before they know it, they injure themselves. Even though, these are possibilities we are still looking forward to buying one. I still think they can be fun for the whole family and have to be healthier than just sitting in front of the television.
My favorite wii game is COD 4. It is one of the games that would glue me in to the room. I had played all the released versions of COD and to be honest I find great to play all this games.
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