Will a Cable TV splitter decrease quality?


Splitting a signal reduces the signal by a certain amount (typically noted on the splitter itself). In a digital world, inadequate signal can result in unpleasant artifacts, or simply an inability to get a channel lock whatsoever.

Figure that on average, before adjustment, enough signal is sent into each resident to support about seven devices (which is roughly equivalent to six splitters, including all those inside the walls, hidden from your view). In many cases, if you have more devices than that, and start having signal-related troubles, the service provide may require you to buy an amplifier to boost the signal inside your home. (I was required to do so; it is not uncommon.)


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They make cable boosters specifically made for cable, since some cable systems use frequencies above the broadcast band. They also make them so if you have internet there is a port to hook the modem that is two way and will work. A regular TV amp may not work with a cable modem.


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I guess I could try connecting everything first and seeing how it performs before I spend money on cable boosters. Thank you for your help everyone.