will ATT UVerse be discontinued? - DirecTV

I just read that ATT may be phasing out UVerse in favor of DirecTV and has even stopped making set top boxes...will I be forced to switch to DirecTV at some point? That won't work for me as a renter.

This question, "will ATT UVerse be discontinued?," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.


It's been rumored that they would phase out or discontinue verse TV for a while. From an IT/technology standpoint, it makes sense. The bandwidth needed for IPTV and high overhead is too much for their glorified DSL network to handle. Just as a clarification, unless it's gigapower internet, your uverse is still DSL where the fiber drop is much closer than standard DSL.

Directv offloads that bandwidth so they can give you the full internet bandwidth it's capable of. Your recommended second bet much cheaper than directv is directv now, an over the top internet based live TV service. Yes it's also IP based like the current uverse TV system. However, there's no ridiculous overhead like uverse was and they don't allocate separate bandwidth for just TV, ergo more internet speed for you