Will it ever end?

The first season was great. Season two was good too, but season three was pushing it. Now they're pulling a Disney and milking it for all its worth. The plot has become so bizarre and unrealistic that I can't stand watching it anymore. It should have ended long ago, but now it's gotten so far away from its original story line and that, more than anything, turns me off these shows...


Apparently that's the way shows are run. If it's getting good reception they'll stretch it as far as they can. Same thing with Lost and Heroes. Lost at least set a deadline to the show.
I don't think that show shouldv'e gone past the 2 seasons. I haven't seen any of the 3rd season...but The first season was amazing. The story line was a good plot...but now it's just bizarre and it's hard to follow.


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The show got good ratings that is why they kept it going. I believe that the director said it is ending this season though.

Michael has that brain disease with his nose bleeds so it is hinting that he might die which will end the series.


I never really got into it too much. Lots of people loved the first season, but even back then I wondered how they would keep that story line going past a few seasons.


i also was not able to watch every episode of this show. yes, the first seasons were great and i even heard good feedback regarding the show.


The best episodes in my opinion were those when they were still in jail and plotting the jail break. After they broke out of jail I quickly lost my interest in the Prison Break show.