Will Law & Order Live Forever?


Now that the original Law & Order has been canceled, how long do you think the spin offs will be around. How many more spin offs will there be? Certainly Law & Order will live on forever in syndication, but how about the spin offs?
If nothing else, Law&Order will live forever through the various series reruns, but i'd be very interested to see how many seasons the spinoff's have left in them, and also if any further spinoff series will be in the pipeline or not.


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No clue. I don't watch any of them. I think I may have seen 1 or 2 episodes very early on. They were overly violent so I stopped watching.


I know it has been on it seems like forever (until cancelled) but the only way I really remember this show is because I missed it at trivia and ended up getting 2nd place all because of Law and Order. Seems like Law and Order is the longest running series EVER (not including cartoons, sitcoms or reality shows), and I had no idea. It just never really interested me.