Will My DVDs Work After The Transition?

Aunt Bea

A concern I have was whether or not I can watch my DVDs with this new transition coming up.

You see, I have this great personal video library at my disposal and I remember that with my previous computer, I enjoyed a couple of
games that I became addicted too , (Like Titanic & You Don't know
Jack) Unfortunately, after I changed PCs, I couldn't play those because
the software was too old and my new computer couldn't read them. So bye
Bye went those 2 games. But in hindsight, it made me wonder about that
DVD collection I have. Now I realize we're talking about 2 different kinds of Technologies- but the principle is the same-

On those DVDs I have bought, on the back (in small letters I might add), is the following:
"This disk is compatible with ALL DVD players displaying these symbols for
the USA and Canada. And to the right, is a symbol with the number 1
inside of it, and underneath are the letters: "NTSC"

Does this mean that only Analogue DVDs can read this? And will these stilkl work after the Transition?

I have a MESS of DVDs that Ive bought over the years. I am a movie & scifi geek and I have a good sized collection that Ive spent a decent amount of money on.

Can somebody help me with this ?

Thanks in advance.

PS-- Hi, My name is Aunt Bea BTW-- and I'm new. :D

Aunt Bea
Your DVD will work fine NTSC stand for the video format (encoding) used in the USA all European DVDs are PAL format so this is what NTSC is referring to. ANy video digital or analog must be NTSC encoded in order to play in any device made in the USA.:)
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