Will streaming boxes ever become obsolete tech?


I recently read an article that suggested dedicated e-readers will go the way of the iPod / mp3 player - that is, they will be mostly replaced by people doing everything on their phones/tablets. They say people don't buy the single-use devices as much. They still use music and ebooks, they just do it from their phones. Personally I don't agree with this, because I'd much rather have 3 separate devices, at least until they make better batteries! I don't want to use up the power on the phone that I might need for emergencies by listening to music, especially while traveling and without easy access to an outlet to recharge.

But at the same time, people are talking about this "internet of things" where cars and appliances and smart watches all interact with your phones. So more "single-use" devices are getting internet access, they're just different ones. And, there are already more devices than "streaming boxes" where people watch video: cell phones, computers, tablets, Blu-ray players, and smart TVs.

I think TV is hampered by the companies trying too hard to restrict what "screens" we can use for various services... like how you need Hulu *Plus* to watch on TVs, but you still can't access all the same shows as you can via computer ... and I think it's also going to take a lot longer for the TVs to catch up, to be able to access all the same channels and companies that a Roku or Apple TV or Fire TV can show, because people don't tend to replace TVs as often as they do a phone or cheaper device.

So maybe, maybe we'll reach the day when we don't need a special streaming video device that is only for streaming video... but personally I think it will be a while. (And more than likely I'll be one of those who still wants one, just like I still want my mp3 players and my e-readers.)

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