Will Survivor ever end?

Well okay, pretty much EVERY show ends sooner or later but how many more seasons would you predict that Survivor has left in it before it is either canceled or ended by the shows creators?


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No clue, but this is the very first season that I'm not watching at all. I'm not interested in seeing Boston Rob again. He makes me ill.
I don't have any idea when will survivor end but nevertheless I love this season, Heroes vs Villains. My favorite character there is Russel from survivor Samoa. He's a real mean villain and he knows how to play the game.
I had some mild interest in the early rounds of this season, but I didn't even end up watching them at all!

And I guess that says it all for how much interest I have for Survivor, since it's nearly non-existent.


It will never end! Survivor is the show that really kicked off reality TV. I have to say that after the first couple of seasons I lost interest. I still think the concept is cool, but I just couldn't get into it for some reason.
I agree that concept is still pretty neat, but I just have so little enthusiasm for Survivor or Reality Television in general these days, since it's just becoming so tired and overused. These days it seems like pretty much any possible premises has been made into a reality show, regardless of how dumb of an idea that it may be.