Will the Kings Move Again?


, Blogger: Orry's Orations
I'm really sick and tired of the whole Sacramento Kings basketball thing. For the last few years, all we've heard is how they need a new arena to play in, but the Maloofs don't wanna pay. Guess what? We don't want to pay for it either. The mayor and officials want the dang team to stay here, but every time they put something to the citizens, it's a big 'no'. We're taxed enough, and it's real clear that we aren't going to pay for an arena when houses are being foreclosed and people are out of work.

Now the NBA has stepped in, gotten the Maloofs back in the game, and they're putting forth 5 new possibilities, all privately funded. Still, it's the 'where' that's the buzz now. It's a prison -- the wardens want it but the people are saying 'not here folks'.