Win7 Media Edition


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I'm not sure if this is the best spot for this post, but it's the best one I could determine.
I've been using Win7 just since March, and I love it. Now my sister has just purchased a computer with Win7 but she got a media version instead of the regular home premium edition. Now here's my question. I was trying to help her set up and organize, like for email and Roaming, but we can't find her 'roaming' or her 'appdata' which is supposed to be under the User information. Does anyone know if that is because of the media edition or does anyone have a hint on where it could be? Doing a search doesn't even bring it up.


I can't help you but my cousin is having a similar problem. I've tried searching too and all I see are similar questions with no solutions! If anyone out there knows I'd love to pass the info along.


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So it's not just us? What is frustrating is that we are able to find, via search, that she should have a Roaming file, but it's not there. We've followed the path exactly -- nothing.