Windows 10 Creator's Edition X64 and Edge Browser - Major Malfunction - DirecTV

Last week MS began releasing Windows-10 Creator's Edition and after that DTV won't work at all on either the MS Edge browser or Firefox.

Actually, this is nothing new as prior release of Windows-10 X64 DTV platform is abysmal. About 99% of the time when I try to access DTV from my home computer through any browser, IE, Edge, Firefox, etc., I get this message:

sorry, we ran into a problem. please restart the video player.

DTV support says that I should clear the browser cache as the standard solution but that does not help at all. Sometimes it will work on rare occasion but it is most unreliable. Consensus is that it is unstable on the X64 platform. I have no problems whatsoever on my mobile devices.

IMHO DTV really needs to ditch using a browsers on the Windows-10 platform and go to a native windows app. Using a browser is unreliable!

With Windows-10 X64 Creator's Edition, now the "Watch Live" button is always greyed out and it says to check your connection. Well it is fine. I tried to uninstall the crapulant Cisco Video Guard and reboot but it does not even seem to realize that it is not installed anymore and try to direct me to download it.

When is DTV going to go to a native Windows-10 app?

This question, "Windows 10 Creator's Edition X64 and Edge Browser - Major Malfunction," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.