Windows 7 and Internet TV


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Honestly I don't understand a lot about internet tv. I assume it's just like satelittle...Is it cheaper than cable? I hear some people say it's free. Can you get HBO??


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Does the fact I bought several copies of XP, one still in the box and don't plan to change until I a year or more that Windows 7 is out give a clue about my excitement?

Vista could also be called ME Service Pack X.....


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I'm still back in the dark ages with Win98 but I do hope to finally get a new computer next year and I'm going to leapfrog all the way to Win7 which seems to be doing much better than Vista did. I'm not hearing screams from Win7 like I did with Vista.


I think that anything would be better than Vista or ME. I can't wait to get my copy of 7 to see how it works, although I am already for sure there is many things that are not yet comparable with it, anything is better than the vista that I have