Winegard CC-7870 Coupler

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Has the CC-7870 antenna coupler been discontinued? Seems like no one is selling it anymore?

There are three currently available at Amazon dot com: Winegard CC-7870 Antenna Coupler: Electronics

From the Winegard Website: Winegard - CC-7870 - Cross talk

I have 2 antennas. One is a Winegard Yagi 9590, the other is a conventional vhf/uhf antenna. I have both antennas run through a Winegard CC-7870 coupler. I attached one lead to "Set 1" and the other to "Set 2" and then a cable from "Antenna" to the amplifier. The the picture quality is not that good. I wanted to see if this is correct, or if I need to change something.

Tech Tip:
You have the CC-7870 hooked up properly. However this coupler is just like a 2-way splitter hooked up in reverse; in that it will reduce the signal from each antenna by about 30%. Also the antenna signals could be interacting with each other in the coupler. By this I mean that good UHF signals from the 9095 antenna could be mixing with the same channels coming from your VHF/UHF antenna. Even though the UHF channels coming from the VHF/UHF antenna are not watchable they will interact with the good channels enough to affect the quality. Try disconnecting one of the antennas at the CC-7870 to see what happens. Then try eliminating the CC-7870 to see what happens by running a cable from each antenna directly to your amplifier. It may be that no matter what you do you will have to run separate leads from each antenna to a separate amplifier and a line from each amplifier to an A/B switch at the TV set to isolate the signals.

* If your intention is to combine two antennas, using a CC-7879 is the wrong way to accomplish it.