Winegard HDP-269 will run on a 12volt battery


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For those of you that want or need to build an emergency system this is good news. It comes directly from Winegard.

The HDP-269 when connected to it's 18VDC rated power supply drags down the voltage to about 14 VDC in a typical installation.

Though there is a slight loss in gain (not measured) a 12 volt source is close enough for the amp to run.

It is also easy to hook up. You just remove the coax they use to run between the wall transformer and the power injector. Then take any short piece of coax with only one end needed on it and hook it to the power injector.. The on the other end you can just not put a connector and separate the shield from the center conductor. Hook up positive to the center and ground to the shield.

This way the HDP-269 is built with a separate power injector from the power supply makes this easy to do without building your own injector. Most amps the power supply and the injector are in the same box, often riveted shut for consumer protection.

So there you go if you need an amp setting up out camping or emergency use.

I will be testing (good weather and a day off permitting) this amp with their new FreeVision antenna that is a compact short range VHF/UHF model. While it's not going to pull in 60 mile 2 edge stations it's all small enough for emergency use or just for camping. I will be posting the results of the tests when they occur over the next couple of weeks.


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Yeah, its great. I recommended one to someone in an RV with a take down AntennaCraft G1483 Hoverman antenna.

Some of the Antennas Direct amps are 12V as the PA-18.


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There is a 78M08 voltage regulator in the HDP-269. The amplifier should work perfectly down to about 10.5 volts at the amplifier end of the RG-6 lead-in.
I figured they just let them run on the voltage the had like the old days.

Good information.
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