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What channels are you trying to get?

Specifically from what directions? Is the 345 stuff important? If not you could use a reflectorless 4 bay and probably do pretty good at 100ish and 288ish in both Yellow and Green, maybe with a Winegard 269 amplifer and an FM Trap.

Those style omnis that you posted are of limited use, probably workable in Green, but not into Yellow.
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I would like the basics, CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox and most of those channels are out of the Detroit area, 35 miles away. The MS-2000 is multi directional I believe, so it may not work.
Some stats on the antenna, Amplifier Gain: 19.5 dB. Range: 35 miles. I'm borderline on the range at 35 miles.


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If you like the style, you could give it a try, but its not so good on VHF frequencies. Buy from a place with a good return policy and be prepared to return it.

Remember to look for Sweet Spots.
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