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Antennas aren't really my expertise, I'm sure others will comment here but, just to sort of help you, I've been visiting antenna forums now for the past 4 years or so and I don't recall ever seeing a "My Winegard Broke" or complaint about Wingegards.

By the way, I'm less than 15 miles from broadcast towers and I receive signals just fine with my bunny ears in my bedroom.

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I have used Winegard antennas since about 1970 and I haven't ever heard of any quality control issues.

However, before you decide on buying any antenna, I suggest you go to TV Fool and fill in your information. It will run a free antenna survey for you and offer some generalized advice about what type of antenna is required to receive stations at your particular location. Be sure to enter the maximum height above ground level where you could have an antenna.

If you would like us to make specific antenna recommendations please copy the resulting URL and post it here for us to study. That website will automatically conceal your personal information.



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Jim is very right, getting a TVFool Report can be quite revealing, and absolutely necessary in determining IF that antenna will work for you. As I read the Specs on the Freevision, I saw that it was a Modified Frequency. That means that it will not receive any Real Channels from Ch2 through Ch6. I was also rather disappointed to see Winegard mentioning some of the National Channels, when they couldn't know what area that antenna would be used in, and those may fall in that un-receivable LoVHF area. Other than that, you need not worry about the quality or durability of Winegard Products, I personally know of Antennas that are more than 20 years old, still in service, and receiving HDTV just as well as they did Analog.
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