Wired connection lost on genie mini but main is Ok. - DirecTV

Direct TV(AT&T) talked us into "upgrading" to the genie dvr, so unfortunately we did, and got scammed into a 2 year trap with subpar service. Ever since we have had problems with connection in one room. It says WIRED CONNECTION LOST. The main DVR is ok, the other 2 genie minis are fine, the tech has come out multiple times, changed the connectors, cables. the genie mini is model no. C51-700. It's intermittent. Only happens in the morning and after resetting the mini in question many times with the red button on the side, it will eventually connect and we can watch tv in that room ...whoo hoo(snark). Never once had a problem with Direct TV until this, and have been with them since 2005. I kind of figured, once AT&T took over something bad was going to happen because of the many not so good things I'd heard about them. It is not hard wired to the router, does it need to be? Could we just need a brand new genie mini and not a reconditioned one? Is it possible there could be outside interference? If we leave it on for a while, watching it cycle between "wired connection lost" and the grey screen and the connecting for about 15 or 20 minutes, it sometimes connects and stays connected for awhile, then will go out again. Is this wifi related, not having any problems with any other devices in the house that's connected to wifi. We have Verizon fios router. Any thoughts? We really liked Direct TV until this happened, may have to ditch them and eat the cost of the penalty for getting out of the contract and go to Dish if this can't be resolved in a timely manner.(about a week) Just wanna be able to watch tv without the stress of not knowing whether we'll be able to or not. Can't have get togethers in that room, because heaven forbid, all of the money we pay each month to have Direct TV, we only have it once in a while...intermittently and just maybe.

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