"Wired" Explains: How 3-D Television Works

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Wired Explains: How 3-D Television Works | Gadget Lab | Wired.com

From the article:

... "To understand why, here’s a short primer on how our vision works.**** Our eyes are about 3 inches apart, which means each eye sees a slightly different perspective of the same scene. The brain takes images from both eyes, fuses them together and uses the difference between the images to calculate distance, creating a sense of depth. Getting the 3-D effect at home involves tricking the brain into doing something similar with the images that it gets from a TV set. But that’s not a trivial problem: TV makers have to figure out a way to precisely show a set of slightly different images to each of your eyes. So how do they do that? Here are the key technologies that are making their way into 3-D TVs." ...