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I'm hoping this is the correct place to post my question. I figured experienced folks might be able to answer my question. I live in a high altitude area and about 15 miles from array of TV transmission towers. I have a small one story house and have a large Yaggi TV antenna in my attic. My house is wired for TV signals in each room. My question is: is there a way I can support all my TV sets with a digital signal from one convert box in my attic? BTW, in am in the process with replacing all my to each room coax from antena signal quality cable to video quality coax.
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As for your question, I'm sure it's possible to feed all of your TVs from a single converter box but all TVs would be tuned to the same channel. Also, you may have problems changing channels with a converter box up in the attic.

What's your main goal?


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I have a Cable Run in my house, which seemingly is what you're talking about.

Let me explain...
I have an Attic Antenna, which is routed in the customary way, but, I also have a second run (which would be your primary) where the Coax which runs from my HT Area up to and IN to a splitter in the Attic, which is then routed into four other rooms.

So, A cable run down from the Antenna to the box in your HT area,
then another back up to the Attic, to a splitter, then to the rooms.

I operate my system like this because I wish to control only one of the rooms (G-Kids Room) where they see what they're supposed to, and if they don't comply with bedtime instructions, then their TV gets cut off COMPLETELY !

I know that sounds mean, but, I am rather strict about them watching some of the garbage on TV now a days.
Additionally, I have an A-D (4 way) Switch in that line, where I can route Cable, Sat, OTA or a DVD into that "CCTV" part of my system.

Have a good Day ! :)
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