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I just had an upgrade done. Had 2 wireless genie minis, 1--4k genie mini, a HR54-700 main receiver and wireless bridge installed. Everyday I get a message that pops up on the TV that the new HR54-700 is connected to. It says "wireless connection lost. The wireless connection to you bridge cannot be found. Please check that the WVB is connected and powered on. Call if the problem persists."
The only option on the screen is to hit "remind me later". I don't have any other problems with this receivers or any of the others. So I called and they said they will send someone out. I was just hoping there was something I could do since its very hard for me to have someone home for the tech. I tried attaching a pic. Any suggestions?

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chuck Thompson

We lost power yesterday and I am trying to get Direct TV back. How do I do that?
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