Wireless Genie Cascading Failures - DirecTV

I have an HD-DVR in my living room. I have three Genie Wireless Receivers, all of which worked originally.

Receiver #1 in the master bedroom has been acting up basically since new. I finally got tired of it and tried to swap it out with Receiver #2.

I plugged #2 in at the same place #1 was plugged in, but it would not boot. It got as far as "Running Self Check" then shut down. I rarely used #2, so I thought maybe it had just happened to fail before I moved it.

I went and got #3, and had the exact same problem: shut down after "Running Self Check."

So I thought, well I'll put #1 back and call DirecTv.

And now #1 is behaving in the same manor!

Literally nothing changed except the boxes, same power chord, same HDMI chord, all the boxes worked in place, until I unplugged them to try and swap out the original culprit, #1.

All three boxes are still showing up in the "Network" screen in the HD-DVR. I've tried resetting the boxes using the red button on the side; no joy.

Any insight would be appreciated, I hate to have the techs come out for something simple.


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